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Safest Cars in 2018! Guide to car safety with NCAP

When looking to change, the safest cars are not always at the top of your list. Unfortunately the word safety, tends to put images in our heads which are not the most attractive. You may find your self asking questions like, what is the MPG? What is the boot size? Does it drive well in the snow? And when the executive tells you about the safety features, most people see it as a bonus. What you do not realise in the car manufacturing world. Car makers are embracing safety aspects and work continuously to perfect their design.

There are many factors when it comes to vehicle safety and it does not rely only on air bags. The safest cars have a huge amount of variables to consider when getting designed. To put this in simple terms, there is a governing body which gives us an over all score. That score can then be compared as a general approach across all makes and models.

What is EURO NCAP?

EURO NCAP have designed a five star safety rating system. It is industry standard to advertise this information, allowing the comparison with ease. It does what it says on the tin, more stars equals more safety.

EURO NCAP continue to be at the top of their game keeps the list of safest cars, current. As the vehicles are forever evolving, the levels of testing need to become more creative. In light of that, some vehicles can have two different ratings. This can depend on model variant as extra safety features can be bought. Below we have included the official rankings to separate the safest cars.

5 stars safety: Overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology

4 stars safety: Overall good performance in crash protection. Additional crash avoidance technology may be present

3 stars safety: Average to good occupant protection but lacking crash avoidance technology

2 stars safety: Nominal crash protection but lacking crash avoidance technology

1 star safety: Marginal crash protection

The safety ratings are measure by a number of factors. There are 4 main ones they consider when giving out a score for a vehicle. These are listed below.

· Adult occupation protection
· Child occupant protection
· Pedestrian protection
· Safety assistance

The Safest Cars winners

There were 9 winners in total across all types of vehicle made for their purpose. 3 of the winners were declared in previous years as they can only test a certain amount of vehicles. The safest cars are declared by category by the type of the vehicle and its use. Below is the full up to date list:

Volkswagen Polo - Safest Supermini
Subaru XV & Subaru Impreza - Safest small family car
Vauxhall Crossland X - Safest small MPV
Volkswagen T - Roc - Safest small SUV
Volvo XC60 - Safest Large SUV
Volkswagen Arteon - Safest Executive
Toyota Prius - Safest large family car (2016 Winner)
Ford Galaxy - Safest large MPV (2015 Winner)
Mazda MX5 - Safest roadster/convertible (2015 Winner)

VW Arteon - Safest Executive

As you can see there are some house hold names amongst the winners. Volkswagen has been the pinnacle of motoring industry what seems like forever. VW Arteon being a strong position holder. They continue to innovate time and time again, letting them stay ahead of the curve. We find it fascinating how looks can co exist with safety and VW Arteon has proved just that. It is a stunning piece of design, combined with beautiful engineering. To take a glance into the future, VW Arteon will be an excellent replacement for the Passat.

Volvo XC60 - Safest Large SUV

Volvo XC60 is worth an honorable mention. Large SUV's have been a long time favorite for a lot of household for their multi use and safety on the road. Believe it or not, some of our clients pick cars based on which one would win in a car crash. It seems a crazy selling point, but each to their own. With the amount of vehicle collisions increasing year on year, safety should be a big factor. If you have never considered an XC60, take a loot at it further. It may be a massive competitor to any other choice you may have. Volvo XC60 is an excellent all around large SUV.

Mazda MX5 - Safest roadster/convertible (2015)

The safest cars list can not be complete without the Mazda MX5. The worlds best selling two-seater sports car. Can you imagine the world without the roadster which is affordable to every day folk. The car has entered the Guinness World Records, selling 940,000 units worldwide. This record was achieve in April 2014. This vehicle will continue to be a strong competitor for your weekend car. Although in the UK we do not have great weather, those 3 days of the year may be worth it. If you opt out for the convertible version, letting your hair down the country lane could not be better. Mazda MX5 will continue to bring smiles across the UK.

The safest cars and their drivers

Of course the safety rating of the vehicles them selves do not make you completely safe on the road. Huge proportion of it is down to the driver. Unfortunately manufacturers do not create the drivers. You will always come across someone aggressive or not paying attention. It is down to you as the individual to make the right choices on the road. Remember, you can not effect others like you can effect your self. Choosing the right vehicle to transport your family is just the first step. Pay attention to the road and the drivers on it.

Ultimately, the safest cars get determined by their drivers. The autonomous cars are closer and closer to being an every day reality. Some day, the road may be completely safe working from satellite technology.

The amount of vehicles per household is increasing at an astonishing rate. The need for safety is increasing just as fast, the amount of vehicles increase the risk of collision. Using this information we need to combine our two factors together.

What to do with this information?

The article is posted to help consumers understand and distinguish the safety rating. Consider the list when choosing your next vehicle. It may be the best thing you do.

If you have any further questions regarding vehicles on this list and or any general questions please call Alexander Stone Ltd on 0191 691 1351 or email on

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Posted on 7th March 2018 at 11:26 AM

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