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22nd Nov 2018 - We are currently updating our rates! Please call for an accurate Quotation!
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Lease Experts among Car Dealers Newcastle - Vehicle Leasing

Alexander Stone are experts among leasing car dealers Newcastle upon Tyne. We are a vehicle finance and leasing broker. The company has a vision of delivering an amazing experience for your motoring needs. Our aim is to bring the benefits of leasing to the retail customers. We aim to deliver a great saving against your retail costs for your every day motoring and business needs. Consider coming to your local car leasing expert, as we may save you more money than you think!

Who we are

Our specialty is contract hire leasing. Whether you need your first car or you need to take 3 kids to school, we can help! We understand buying your next car is a huge deal. In fact, for many this is the second most expensive purchase of their life, house being the first. So why not take the worry out of your hands and let us do the work for you. Our extensive knowledge will make sure you choose the right car and get the most for your money.

There is no need to visit every dealership in the hope of finding the best deal. It can all be done with one simple phone call. Our knowledge of the motor industry makes us best equipped in helping you choose your next car. Combined with our pre agreed rates, you are sure to find the best possible package that suits you.

Newcastle has recently been voted the best city to visit in 2018. If you have never been before, one thing you can expect are the great people. We carry those traits through to our work. You can expect a friendly voice on the other side of the phone eager to help. And, if you're local, we can arrange a face to face appointment. Finally, a car company you can trust.

Why Us?

We strive to create a tailored experience for our customers. By listening to your needs and considering your situation. We can make a professional recommendation based on your circumstances. There is no pressure tactics or pushy sales, just good old friendly service.

Our dealership network is built on a professional trust. We deal with our partners with the same courtesy as we would with our customers. This allows the most fluid operation and great customer satisfaction. We work together, to deliver an outstanding experience for our clients. By using our discounts, doesn't mean you relieve your self of any Dealership benefits. You will still get all customer perks as if you bought it direct. Our cars come with Nationwide delivery, taking yet another worry out of your hands.

Our Network of Car Dealers and Suppliers

The relationships with our partners allow us to source any vehicle you may want. From Kia to Audi, we have over 10000 live deals on our website and will be sure to have what you want. We are always working with our key partners, to get the most competitive rates available. A large part of our operation is sourced from car dealers Newcastle upon Tyne. The network does stretch as far as the very southern part of Britain. This assures we get the most competitive deals.

Please note, not every deal makes it to the website immediately. Please make sure to contact us for the most accurate and up to date information. Below we have compiled a short list of manufactures of Newcastle office thinks offer great value for money lease rates.

Mercedes Benz Leasing - Alexander Stone Newcastle

Mercedes Benz has been a long time presence within the motoring industry and locally in Newcastle. Having built some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen, this list would not be without it. Having recently gone through a make over in terms of their looks and technology. It has now become one of the biggest competitors for new cars. The range of the vehicles has everything you may want. Whatever your need, they have the car for it.

This bold move has expanded their market share month on month and is still growing. It's ever lasting popularity across all age groups and fantastic deals, makes it one of the industries biggest players. With the lease rates improving, makes the vehicle affordable. Check out our latest offers below.

Personal Leasing Offers - Mercedes Benz Lease Deals
Business Leasing Offers - Mercedes Benz Business Lease Deals

VW Lease Deals - Alexander Stone Newcastle

Volskwagen has earned its right among the car giants of the world. They own a huge portion of the market, manufacturing anything from every day cars to the super cars of the world. VW has a presence like no other and rightly so. Most consumers are aware of the brands like Skoda, Audi and Seat who are widely known to be owned by the VW company. All of those brand offers unbelievable value for money.

VW has gained its popularity in the early days via its extremely successful VW Golf  which has continued its success for years to come. The success did not stop there, ranging from Saloons to SUV's the reliability and engineering continued.
Audi A4 Lease Deals have also drastically improved over the recent years. Specifically on leasing terms they are by far the cheapest vehicle against any possible competition. Black Edition in particular is making a huge impact on the leasing world, among both Personal and Business users alike.

Leasing Offers - Volkswagen Leasing Deals
Leasing Offers - Audi Leasing Deals
Leasing Offers - Skoda Leasing Deals
Leasing Offers - Seat Leasing Deal

BMW Leasing - Alexander Stone Newcastle

BMW leasing has become an motoring icon for many consumers. Sharp drive ability and sporty looks has earned its right of being the "drivers" car for many models. Recently the brand has expanded in securing the niche of specific motoring needs market. Many motoring enthusiasts consider the "M" range one of the best sports vehicles available on the market and rightly so.

Many public figures have considered BMW being one of the best vehicle manufacturers on the planet. Please find our offers below for all your BMW needs.

Leasing Offers - BMW Lease Deals
Business Leasing Offers - BMW Business Lease Deals

Volvo Lease - Alexander Stone Newcastle

Volvo lease offers have been around for years and has its earned it following and respect among motorists. The reliability is where Volvo has earned its strength. In recent years Volvo has expanded the appearance style and have become a more popular option for other than reliability. Many models like V40 and XC60 have earned their right in the market.

Correct product placement in the recent media with the release of the V40 model has drove the sales forward. With the leasing rates forever improving, you get excellent value for money.

Leasing Offers - Volvo Lease Deals
Business Leasing Offers - Volvo Business Lease Deals

Ford Lease Deals - Alexander Stone Newcastle

Ford lease deals have been a known brand among motorists since the motoring began. They have accomplished so much within the consumer and commercial market. Ford Fiesta is one of the most purchased cars in the UK and the Ford Transit has opened a window into tradesman market. Having a huge following everywhere and in recent years, competing for their own slice of the pie in the vehicle leasing world.

Leasing Offers - Ford Lease Deals
Business Leasing Offers - Ford Business Lease Deals

Kia Lease Deals - Alexander Stone Newcastle

Our partnerships allow us to supply you with the best Kia Lease Deals available on the market. Kia has gone from strength to strength when it comes to motoring. The new re invented design and amazing engineering delivers a spectacular vehicle suitable for all type of use. Kia offers some of the best value for money SUV range which is available with a good level of physical stock, meaning if you need it quick it can be delivered quick. Availability combined with excellent leasing rates, makes this a huge benefit when making your choice about your next lease manufacturer. Popular favourites such as Kia Sportage and Kia Optima offer cheap, reliable and comfortable motoring available to all with multi use purpose.

Leasing Offers - Kia Lease Deals
Business Lease Offers - Business Kia Lease Deals

SEAT Leasing Rates - Alexander Stone Newcastle

SEAT leasing rates are forever staying ahead of the curve. SEAT was bought out by the Volkswagen group and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Having been exposed to the VW resources in the engineering world as well as design. This is a hugely popular option when it comes to selecting your new vehicle.  With the new models coming out such as SEAT Ateca and SEAT Arona, the manufacturer has reached its new heights with the expansion of the range.

SEAT Leon was the dominating vehicle of choice across the range for a long time. Leon is still considered as the go to hatchback to consider when thinking of a medium size vehicle. SEAT value for money on leasing rates are considerably better than that of others in similar categories. Whether you're looking for a city car, hatchback, saloon or an SUV. SEAT has the range for every situation which are beautifully built with a head turning design.

Leasing Offers - SEAT Leasing Deals
Business Lease Offers - Business SEAT Leasing Deals

What now?

Now that you are happy with what you see, take a look at our website for the wide selection of cars available. As we specialise in contract hire and leasing, its important to get the most value for money. We have leasing deals with all the manufacturers across the UK and car dealers Newcastle upon Tyne. Please do not hesitate to contact for further information if there is a vehicle you have not found on our website. If there is a car out there you would like, we will get it.

Contact us today on 0191 6911351 or via email on

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